The story of a light chaser

I grew up in a creative household. My mother was a Graphic Illustrator, and my father was a Graphic Illustrator, Watercolor Artist, and a hobbyist photographer. Every time he went on a fishing trip, hunting trip, or vacation - he made sure to take plenty of beautiful photos that perfectly captured that moment's time and space. I guess it was only inevitable that I, too grew up with a love of all things visual.

I started exploring photography when I was in my early 20s. I got my hands on my first official DSLR and took more terrible photos than I could ever count. But I kept trying, and I kept working at it. Some free time here. A couple projects there. I love taking portraits, and some of my favorite sessions have been portrait sessions. But my true love is landscape photography.

Within the last few years, I've decided to really focus on bettering my landscape photography and truly learning to craft. I've also made it a point to explore more - go on more trips, see more places, make more memories. The world is such a beautiful place and I want to see it all and capture it all. My dream is to one day retire with my husband in tote, my trusty camera on my shoulder, and the open road to call our home. What better place and time to start than now?